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Massachusetts Amanda's Law Seeks To Criminalize Sharing Photos Of Crime Scenes

By Andres Jauregui

A new law proposed in Massachusetts would make it a criminal offense for first responders to take photos of crime scenes and share them.

The bill, which passed the state legislature on July 24, is nicknamed Amanda's Law, after a Chicopee woman who was murdered in 2011.

Amanda Plasse, 20, was stabbed to death in her kitchen. An internal affairs investigation revealed that police in Chickopee who were first on the scene took photos of the victim on their personal cell phones, and then texted them to officers who were not on the case.

WGGB reports that the photos were also distributed to individuals outside the police department.

Michelle Mathieson, Amanda's mother, is still struggling to cope with the fact that authorities shared photos of her daughter's body.

"It’s disgusting, it’s outright disgusting,” Mathieson said, according to WGGB. “It’s a disgrace to her, to me as her mother, to her siblings, her family. You pray to god everyday that that picture does not make the Internet.”

The bill was spearheaded by Rep. Joseph Wagner.

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    Background Photo Credit: Kasia Broussalian © 2015