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Traffic-enforcement camera ban gains bipartisan support in Colorado Read more: Traffic-enforcement camera ban gains bipartisan support in Colorado

By Kurtis Lee
The Denver Post

Cameras that bust drivers for speeding or running red lights could be banished in Colorado after a bipartisan group in the state legislature reached consensus on the controversial devices.

proposal introduced in the Senate late last week would bar cities and counties from using automated vehicle-identification systems that pinpoint drivers committing traffic infractions.

Sen. Scott Renfroe, R-Greeley, has introduced similar legislation the past two years, though unlike in previous sessions, he has strong support this go-round from House and Senate Democratic leadership.

"These cameras just create revenue for cities and don't actually increase public safety at our intersections," said Speaker Mark Ferrandino, D-Denver, the bill's prime House sponsor. "I think we should be focused on making people safe, not raising money."

Ferrandino said he's long supported the legislation, though it's never made it out of the Senate. Earlier this year, he approached Renfroe about being the House sponsor and helping to back the measure.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of tickets are doled out across the state as cities rake in millions of dollars in revenue.

Last year, Denver handed out about 35,000 red-light photo tickets and nearly 195,000 speeding photo tickets, according to officials. Combined, the city made about $7.8 million on the infractions.

The city and county of Denver is opposed to the proposed legislation.

Read more: Traffic-enforcement camera ban gains bipartisan support in Colorado - The Denver Post 
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