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Trial Under Way for Man Accused of Sex Assault at Broomfield Nursing Home

By Megan Quinn | The Denver Post

The trial for a man accused of sexually assaulting two women in a Broomfield nursing home continued Tuesday with opening statements.

The case against Antonio Nieto, a former nursing assistant at Broomfield Skilled Nursing, involves two victims who were patients during Nieto's employment at the facility. The two victims, who were 59 and 73, reported Nieto sexually assaulted them last year while he was assigned to their care. 

During opening statements on Tuesday, prosecutor Amy Petri-Beard asked the jury to find Nieto guilty. She argued Nieto confessed his crimes to both law enforcement and to his fiance. Petri-Beard played a recording of a phone conversation between Nieto and his fiance, during which he asked his fiance not to find money for bail.

"I deserve it, I made a mistake," he said in the recording.

Yet Nieto's attorney, Jeffrey Weeden, said Broomfield police obtained a false confession from Nieto, and Nieto was pressured to confess to police because he "felt trapped in a corner" after police told him they had evidence against him.

Weeden said there is no DNA evidence linking Nieto to the sex assault accusations.

"He's never getting out of the room until he tells the story" police wanted to hear, Weeden told the jury.

The trial could take about a week, according to the Broomfield court clerk's office. Jury selection took place Monday, when about 80 potential jurors were called.

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