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"It Should Be This Hard To Get Married"

This is a quote a recent client spoke while looking at the mountains of paperwork and checklists I had just given her. Hers was a simple divorce, relatively speaking. Modest assets and one child with an already agreed upon parenting schedule were the only issues here.

Simplifying the divorce process is something that legislatures in many different states have been attempting to address. In Minnesota, there is currently legislation that would offer couples a chance to “create their own divorce terms, outside the family court system.” However, there are differences of opinion as to whether the divorce process needs to be simplified. One attorney quoted in the article stated that “if the parties are in accord, getting a divorce is nearly as easy as getting a driver’s license.”

In response to the above quote, I’m guessing my most recent client, who was in “accord” with her soon-to-be-ex  would then argue that it must be extremely hard to get a driver’s license in Minnesota.