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Illegal Lemonade Stands?

On a hot summer day, what sounds better than a cool, refreshing glass of lemonade? Many young entrepreneurs get their start with a neighborhood lemonade stand. But, that refreshing glass of lemonade may come with a side of legal issues. 

A man in Florida has made attempts to shut down a neighborhood boy's lemonade stand arguing it is an "illegal business" that reduces the value of his home. The neighborhood man stated in a letter to city authorities that the stand causes "an excessive amounts of traffic, noise, trash, and parking issues." City authorities do not believe they are in the business of regulating kids. The mayor even commended the young man who operates the stand, calling it "a great example."

However, challenges to neighborhood lemonade stands are not unheard of. In Maryland, a group of kids were shut down and charged $500 for having a lemonade stand outside of a PGA tournament. To avoid being shut down, lemonade stands might need the same permits and licenses required by other mobile food businesses. 

So, what's the lesson? I guess when life gives you lemons, make sure your neighbors like lemonade.