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Mayonnaise: Shampoo or Condiment?

An Oklahoma City man was arrested for washing his hair in a public fountain using a rather unconventional shampoo: mayonnaise. While his choice of shampoo may seem rather odd, mayonnaise is actually an inexpensive way to restore dry and and damaged hair (visit to learn more about mayo's benefits for your hair). 

Jorge Perez was arrested under an Oklahoma City ordinance that prohibits "swimming, bathing, or wading in fountains or the various waterways in Bricktown." A violation of this ordinance does not carry any jail time, but does come with a $302 fine. Reports suggest that Perez was initially arrested under suspicion of disorderly conduct as he did spend a day in jail. 

The unfortunate reality of Perez's situation is that he likely had nowhere else to go to use his mayo-shampoo. Many homeless individuals face the challenge of being arrested for bathing in public fountains under similar ordinances due to limited resources. While his hair may smell like a week-old sandwich, we certainly wish Mr. Perez the best of luck in finding the resources to get off the Oklahoma City streets.

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