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Ground Pork, Breadcrumbs, Garlic, Oregano, and…Assault?

A man in Maryland allegedly stabbed a co-worker for eating a meatball from the assailant's lunch. This "Meatball Menace" fled the scene shortly after the incident. 

Maryland law would categorize this lunch time attack as an assault and/or battery. This type of crime can be categorized as either a felony or a misdemeanor, depending largely on the extent of the injuries suffered by the victim. The penalty for such an offense can be up to ten years in prison. The victim was hospitalized leaving some to state that the attacker "may be in deep … sauce." 


An individual can argue some defenses for the assault under state law. However, low blood sugar does not appear to make the list in any state, nor does righteous anger over having your lunch stolen. As the attacker fled the scene, an arrest warrant has been issued. As of yet, he has not been found. 

So what lesson does this Meatball Menace teach us? No meatball is worth the risk, just eat your own lunch.