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Exploiting Bambi

Imagine you are driving home at night and look to your right. You see a deer near the side of the road up ahead. As you get closer, the deer begins to panic. Before you can brake, the deer bolts out in front of your car, shattering your headlights and destroying the front of your car. According to a national traffic survey, about 1.5 million car accidents involving deer occur every year in the United States.

A group of people in Philadelphia decided to take advantage of this statistic. Officials charged forty-one people with insurance fraud. Reports allege that an owner of an auto repair shop helped customers to avoid increased insurance premiums by claiming that the accident was the result of a deer running into the road. He even had a dead deer, blood, and other props so that the customers could photograph the "crime scene." 

Needless to say, insurance companies and authorities caught on rather quickly.  The shop owner, customers, and even a police officer were charged in the matter. 

The total amount of money involved in the scam is estimated to be about $5 million. 

I'd say those customer wished they had stuck to the true story right about now.