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Throwing away $1 million

Two men in New York claim that the Lottery Commission owes them $1 million dollars. Why you may ask? According to their testimony, the lottery website updated late, causing the men to believe that their ticket was not worth any money. The men threw away the ticket only to later discover that the ticket was worth $1 million. 

You may now be asking yourself how these men could prove they actually purchased the ticket. Apparently the men purchased three tickets at the same time: the first and last worth nothing and the middle ticket being the winning ticket. The men have the two losing tickets which they believe show that they would have also possessed the winning ticket. 

The men claim that they called the Lottery Commission to explain the mistake a year ago. At that time, the Commission allegedly said that they would compensate the men. It has been a year, and the men have not seen any money.

I believe there are a couple lessons we can learn from this story:

1. Be sure the website is up-to-date when $1 million is at stake.

2. The lottery can be a heartbreaking game to play.

3. Friends don't let friends throw away winning tickets.