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Flipping Cars and Felonies

As most of the country is aware, the NCAA championship took place last night, with a win by UConn. While some chose to celebrate by grabbing a drink (or a few) at a bar in relative peace, many others chose to throw light poles through windows, flip over cars, and light fires in the streets. While I’m sure it is exhilarating to flip over a car or rip a light pole out of the street, there are some very serious consequences to these actions.

In Colorado, inciting a riot is a Class 1 Misdemeanor, but if any property damage or injury to a person is involved, one may be sentenced to a class 5 felony. The sentencing range for a Class 5 Felony is one to three years in prison, and/or a $1000-$100,000 fine (plus some serious attorney’s fees).

As such, next time you think you have enough energy/excitement to rip a light pole out of a street, do yourself a favor and take some laps around a track.