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Colorado and Puffing (It’s not all legal!)


It’s been a cold few weeks, so the last thing anyone wants to do is to go outside to a freezing cold car. Therefore, starting your car and letting it run to warm up (also known as “puffing”) sounds like a great idea in the winter. The word “puffing” in relation to Colorado most likely brings to mind the color green and shops full of recreational marijuana. However, the puffing involving leaving your car running to warm up is illegal in Colorado.

Tickets are plentiful for puffing, and the main reason why the police want to crack down on puffing is because many cars are being stolen while the cars are left running unattended. Depending on where you are caught puffing (the not-fun kind), you will be issued a ticket which includes a fine and a court appearance. Consequently, if you are going to partake in a kind of puffing in Colorado, try not to participate in the kind where you can be fined and ticketed.