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You Come Home......To Different Furniture??

Apparently some criminals are smarter than others. In Washington, a couple came home after a vacation to find their house full of furniture they didn’t recognize. Not only did the criminal who broke into the couple’s apartment think that the couple wouldn’t notice his unwanted interior design work, the criminal also left incriminating evidence scattered throughout the apartment.

As we all know, furniture can be heavy, and the furniture swap culprit must have gotten hungry because the couple found receipts inside of empty pizza boxes inside the apartment containing his personal information, as well as a traffic ticket that had his name and address. This detailed information the furniture culprit conveniently left led to his arrest and conviction of residential burglary. The full article can be found at 


In Colorado, burglary involves an unlawful entry onto another’s property with the intent to commit a crime. A complete definition can be found here.