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He's Clearly Not A Ninja Turtle

A Florida woman is facing aggravated battery charges for stabbing her boyfriend after he threatened to harm her pet turtle. Reports are not clear how many times Marie Seymour, 53, stabbed her boyfriend but she does claim that he "came after her" after making the threat. Ms. Seymour could face up to 15 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. Begging the important question of who would protect her beloved turtle during her extended absence?

Ms. Seymour may have a legitimate self-defense claim if her boyfriend did in fact approach her in a manner that made her fear an imminent threat of violence. However, such a defense does not extend to the protection of pets, no matter how beloved they might be. Pets are considered to be property, meaning the defense of others argument will not apply to Ms. Seymour's actions. 

Hopefully, the turtle's shell will be enough to protect him from any further threats if Ms. Seymour does take a trip to prison. Otherwise, he may want to learn some self-defense moves. 

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