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Because I'm All About That Bass….and Drugs

A Massachusetts woman was caught smuggling heroin and pain killers underneath a prosthetic butt. Yes, you read that correctly: a prosthetic butt. The woman was arrested after drugs fell out of her pants during a traffic stop. Officers noticed the woman's underwear had a hard exterior that turn out to be the fake booty used to hide the contraband. 

Officers initiated the traffic stop when they observed the car swerving over the double yellow lines and sporting an illegal tint job. After finding the bag of drugs that fell out of the woman's pants, the woman proceeded to lie about her name, scream obscenities at the officers, and state that she was a paralegal. During the booking process, the officer conducted a strip search which revealed the drug filled prosthetic butt. 

The woman is facing some significant felony and misdemeanor drug charges. Her bail has been set at $5,000 and she will likely need the full amount as bail bondsmen are few and far between in Massachusetts. I wonder if she has a booty full of cash hidden somewhere...

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