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Dump The Guy, Keep the Bling

A New York woman successfully argued to keep the $10,000 engagement ring given to her by a now ex-boyfriend. Debbie Lopez argued the ring was merely a gift, rather than an engagement ring, given in recognition of her "being a great woman and a good mother." You can't make this stuff up, folks. Joseph Robert Torres, who is currently regretting his $10,000 purchase, argued that he proposed to Ms. Lopez and she said yes. Unfortunately for Mr. Torres, the judge did not find that the ring was a conditional gift made in the contemplation of marriage.

In many states, engagement rings are considered conditional gifts that can be revoked in the event that the condition, a.k.a. marriage, does not occur. However, a judge may find that the ring was not given as a conditional gift, but as an outright gift as with Ms. Lopez. For example, a New York man sued for a $53,000 ring. He lost due to some text messages he sent breaking off the engagement. 

So, what can we learn from Mr. Torres' unfortunate story? Fellas, make sure you're clear about what a ring means or you could be out a good chunk of change. 

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