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Your Future After a DUI

In Colorado, the current legal blood alcohol content (BAH) to operate a vehicle is 0.08%. This means that a 180 pound male can legally have around four drinks per hour and still operate a vehicle. Let’s say that you have more than your legal limit and get pulled over and charged and arrested for a DUI. What happens next?


There are approximately 28,000 people who are charged with a DUI in Colorado annually, and everyone is innocent until proven guilty, which is why it is so important to know your rights in this area.  Most of the time after you are charged with a DUI you will be taken to jail and will have to wait until the next day when you will see a judge and he will set your bail. If you are able to pay your bail that day (either personally or by finding a bail bondsman) you will be able to go home that day until your initial court appearance. At this court appearance a few different things may happen. You can plead guilty or not guilty, and if you plead guilty the judge will typically sentence you at this time. If you plead not guilty, another date will be set for your trial.

Punishment in Colorado for a first-time DUI offense may be a jail sentence from 5 days to one year, a fine from $600 - $1000, license suspension for up to 9 months, 12 points deducted from your license, and public service from 48-96 hours.

At the federal level, the National Transportation Safety Board has recently recommended that the BAC be 0.05 instead of the 0.08 standard we have today.  If this proposal passes, it means that people will have to have even less to legally operate a vehicle, or there will be even more arrests for DUI’s in Colorado.  

In order to fully protect your rights if you are charged with a DUI you should contact a criminal defense attorney right away.