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To Work or Not to Work Over the Holiday Season?

You’re excited for the holiday season. Turkeys, stuffing, holiday parties, friends and family are all reasons for this excitement. As you’re planning where you’ll be for the upcoming holidays and which parties you will be attending you casually look over at your work schedule to see which days your company will be giving you time off. Then you notice that you hardly have any time off and will not be able to travel or attend all the events you wanted to. This is completely unfair you think! But what can you really do about it?


Regrettably for your party schedule, an employer is not mandated to provide time off by any Federal law. Furthermore, if time off is given, an employer does not have to pay hourly employees for this time. However, salaried employees must be paid their weekly salary if they work any hours during the holiday week. If an employee observes a religious holiday and needs to take time off work for this reason, then an employer has to provide the employee reasonable accommodations. This can include giving the employee unpaid time off. Unfortunately, your only remedy in this situation is to look for a job with an employer that provides more days off.