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Remedies for a Disappointing Vacation

Ski trips, dinner parties, and evening get-togethers are all part of a holiday season. But what if you were dissatisfied about a trip that you booked, believed that the brochure was misleading, and you did not think you had nearly enough fun? Is there anything you could do about it?


In an English contract law case, Jarvis v. Swans Tours Ltd, Mr. Jarvis received a brochure from Swans Tours Ltd., which promised such attractions at its “wonderful little resort” such as a variety of skiing and ice-skating, a hotel bar, house parties, afternoon tea and cake, and an assortment of other amenities. Mr. Jarvis believed this seemed like a great time, and booked his vacation for 15 days. However, he was very disappointed as the resort only had mini 3-feet skis, no one spoke his language, and there were no house parties the second week he was there. Worse, instead of Swiss cakes as promised, there were only crisp and little dry nut cakes. As such, he sued for breach of contract.

The English court in the present case found that there had indeed been a breach of contact and that Mr. Jarvis could recover damages for the cost of his holiday, as well as damages for distress and disappointment.  Therefore, the next time you are dissatisfied with the dry and little nut cakes on your vacation, you may have a few remedies you should keep in mind.