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DUIs and Barbie Power Wheels


 With the holiday season approaching, no one needs a reminder that it’s not a good idea to drink and drive. However, a refresher course on what the definition of a “vehicle” entails may be helpful. If you find yourself having a good time and throwing back those spiked apple ciders, or alternatively, having a terrible time around too many family members and throwing back something stronger, make sure you aren’t using anything motorized to get home. A DUI has been issued to those riding the following:

-Motorized Wheelchair: Please do not let any one of your precious grandparents out of the house for a joy ride at any time if they’ve had one too many (or maybe even if they haven’t!).

-Riding Lawnmower: This needs to be reserved to cutting grass while sober, and is definitely not an alternative for your car.

-Zamboni: If you are lucky enough to know the awesome person that owns one of these, take it for a spin before the festivities begin.

-Motorized Barstool: Basically, this proves that a DUI can happen if you put a motor on anything and ride it while you’ve been drinking.

-Motorized Lazy-Boy: Yes ladies and gentlemen, this does exist. And yes, it is considered a motor vehicle and you will get in trouble if you run it drunkenly into a parked car, which is a true story.

-Barbie Power Wheels: Last but not least, you should not use any of your children’s toys to try to get around if you are under the influence, especially if it’s a pink Barbie power wheels.

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